Sarah                        Clairvoyant Psychic Medium - Connecting You to Spirit
Welcome to your Spirit Connection journey

As early as the age of three it became apparent to her family that Sarah's grasp of the world simply extended beyond her five senses. She is a Medium with a host of Clairvoyant skills who has been communicating with spirits from an early age. Sarah conducts both in-person and remote readings, as well as, work as a Medical Intuitive.

Some of Sarah's gifts include the ability to gain information about people (living or passed), time or places (also known as Clairvoyance), acquiring paranormal information through hearing and feeling (Clairaudience and Clairsentience), as well as, picking up information through sense of smell (Clairalience). Furthermore, she is currently exploring her abilities as a Medical Intuitive and offers "body scans" and readings for the purpose of clearing energy blocks and working to alleviate dis-ease.

In addition to her personal readings, Sarah has also been asked to on both public/private paranormal investigations and missing pets cases. She continuously seeks to develop her skills through development groups (acting as co-facilitator to the Victoria Metaphysical and Intuitive Development Group) and encourages people to step forward with their own skills to fully embrace who they really are. Sarah also offers regular workshops on developing your own psychic abilities and sensing energy.

Many clients have found that readings with Sarah have been able to provide them with not only missing pieces of information about a person's passing or proof of their existence "on the other side", but also tremendous relief and joy at being able to communicate with loved ones again. Each reading is undertaken with the utmost respect for Spirit and Sarah seeks to find specific information that can be a unique reminder and validation that you have connected with your loved one. 

PLEASE NOTE that Sarah is not accepting new clients at this time and will be away from the office until the New Year. To have your name added to the waitlist for appointments please email us.

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